Back in September last year, we said goodbye to our WIT store on Elgin Street. We loved seeing everyday and professional athletes come in to find the gear that complements their training, but we want to be more than just a fitness shop.

Like any retailer in Hong Kong would know, it's very challenging to offer a variety of products at an affordable price with the limited and expensive space in Hong Kong. We spent the last 7 months looking at different ways to transform fitness retail in Hong Kong. It was a very hard decision to make, but we felt it was the right time to go back to the drawing board. We are confident to say that we are back with a brand new concept!

As a coach and athlete, I know that we only become stronger if we have a community to support us. It is very important to me that my business is driven by the fitness community. With this idea in mind, we created The Rig - a collection of the best training gear and equipment curated by the fitness community in Hong Kong.

How does The Rig work?

The Rig is curated by a community of fitness enthusiasts, including our customers. When The Rig team discovers new products, we invite members of our community to test them for their quality, functionality, and durability.

If we like them, we offer these products on The Rig for a limited time. If The Rig community loves these products too, then we add them to our permanent collection.


This model gives us the flexibility to offer a variety of products that are tested and loved by the fitness community. At the same time, it lowers the administrative costs, allowing us to offer the products at a reasonable price. 

What's next?

We rolled out this model in May 2019 and we will spend the next few months experimenting and perfecting it. We're currently talking with some of our favorite brands, and we hope to get their best products to you very soon! 


  • Hey Irene, thanks for your comment! Yes, we no longer have a physical store in Hong Kong. Unfortunately, we’re not able to deliver to a Hong Kong address within one day. Feel free to email us if you have more questions about our shipping and delivery!

  • Hi, just wanna confirm that you no longer have a physical store in hk and all products are sold and delivered? Is it possible to deliver within a day to an address in hk? Am keen with a pair of nobull trainers and I do have a friend who is coincidentally in hk at the moment. I’m currently residing in singapore. Appreciate reply on delivery period for within hk.
    Thanks. Irene


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